Our mission is to provide best-practice knowledge of Performance TQ™ - the DNA of Human Capital for enhancing performance, leadership and profits. Our Schools of Excellence programs provide best business practices, that are easy to understand and yields faster results. Our Schools focus on Personal and Career development for Executives, Managers, Recruiters, and individuals wishing to expand their professional and personal growth.


Performance TQ™ University—Its founder has been exploring the needs of CEOs, top C-level executives, managers and employees for more than two decades. The research focused on recognizing the need for answers to some of the most critical performance and leadership issues facing organizations, employees and shareholders today, what are the secrets (performance thinking) hidden between the ears of top performing thinking that create success, productivity, and eventual sustained profitability. Performance TQ™ research has created a scientifically-proven process for measuring performance intelligence that drives higher human productivity It is the measurable combination of Performance Thinking algorithms, an exact combination of Performance TQ™ Drivers that motivates and directs the execution of tasks, goals, processes, procedures, leadership, productivity, job competency skills for profitable sustained business results.

Online School of Excellence


Performance TQ University offers HR and Talent Management Executives the ability to increase performance and productivity for corporate employees quickly. Performance TQ University includes performance and leadership tools designed to help individuals become more successful in both their career and personal development. The purpose is to get employees on the same performance page to maximize potential profitability of the organization. Performance TQ University is a series of online webinar courses and tools designed to help individuals become more successful faster in their career, job search, and personal life. Courses and support materials are conveniently delivered to the desktop, typical courses run about an hour once a week over an average of four weeks. Performance TQ™ University provides executives and employees with the ability to gain insight into dimensions related to job execution.

Schools of Excellence (On-site)

School of Performance Coaching

Targeted Performance Coaching is a unique online Performance and leadership development system that quickly, helps individual and their organizations make better hiring decisions and improve their overall profitability through better performance, leadership skills and improved relationships. It has taken 10 years to develop an online system that provides the exact tools for faster results. Consultants that have been providing the Performance TQ™ tools, and coaching have reported results of their clients in weeks. This creates greater value added results. You can find the answers to issues that have been bothering you for a long time and you can get custom tools for your personal success. This is a proven easy to use shortcut method that identifies the exact areas and provides and accelerated learning process to not only advance your career, but provides tools for individual life enhancement. Thousands of individuals have gotten past fears that have been holding them back. Some of these areas are the ability to get past feeling inadequate, ability to communicate easily, stop feeling Self-conscious, gain internal confidence, get over feeling of failure, gain strong leadership skills, know the thinking of successful people and much more. Performance TQ™ provides best of practice tools for personal success, in a proven fast and easy and extremely cost effective method.

  • Increase company culture performance by collectively developing Performance TQ™ in individuals by 10% to 30% in weeks, thereby strategically hyper-driving productivity and profitability.
  • Provides clear and concise information for performance discussions.
  • Provides the tools to quickly enhance the employees and managers productivity.
  • Provides the ability to objectively execute the business objectives and tasks to reach company and department goals.

Most people do not have an accelerated method for building their individual internal performance bench strength. Usually it takes years of experience before they have the levels of performance thinking that allows them the ability to be promoted, or build their careers. This is sometimes frustrating seeing others advance, when they wait to gain experience. Performance TQ™ tools, accelerate this learning experience and it’s put in a "concentrated brief learning experience".

"I used to believe people need to hit ‘rock bottom’ in order to change. I now believe that people can change from any state. Targeted Performance Coaching helps because it gives a viewpoint of definable performance drivers to set goals on. Tools got to have them. These are the keys or the vehicle to get from where you are to where you want to be. Most people never get the tools to make change happen. The tools allowed me to trade-up from being on the breaks to getting on the drivers. This helped me by giving me freedom. I was constrained or felt ‘boxed in.’ I now feel like anything is possible and can use my inner strengths to achieve them. Through the weeks that I have been involved in this process, I have progressed form a conscious effort to a seamless and natural action. My drive and ambition are way up. Tasks and problems, which were insurmountable, are now possible. This program has been of great benefit to me professionally as well as personally. This program allows people to achieve their full potential."
- Jim E, Technology Company

School of Executive Excellence

Provides new Metrics methods for top performance management that can quickly put entire teams on the same performance alignment page. Performance TQ™ system provides an entire new and proven approach with tools for increasing an organizations productivity in a sustained system. Performance TQ™ metrics provides a comprehensive communication and accountability system for heading off potential disasters before they occur, which puts executives in the driver seat like never before. Executives have found a fast acting positive and proactive management system for increasing morale and total performance alignment that can easily tie to the financial results. If you are looking for a best practice corporate governance with a measurable solution approach for sustained profitability, Performance TQ™ may be one of your most profitable answers. Learn about the metrics for changing how business works…and getting things done better! Performance TQ™ (Basic Training) – For Executives, business owners, HR directors, corporate university leaders, organizational development leaders, corporate trainers, HR recruiters, hiring managers or management involved with wanting to understand how to grow their organizations in the areas of hiring, succession planning, organizational development and building top performing teams.

"Our executive team led a management buy out of the company from our UK-based parent company, Albert Fisher Group, PLC, and further used the tools to make necessary staffing decisions before and immediately after the acquisition was finalized. We are now 12 months after the buy out, and sales have experienced double-digit growth (well above industry trend rates) and EBITDA is up over 85% year-on-year. Furthermore, on an extremely diverse employee base of over 1100 employees, retention rates have more than doubled. The Global Performance Technology tools are an exceptional resource when properly used, which augments management expertise in a very effective and cost effective manner. I would highly recommend them to executives in search of human resource tools with clear, measurable results."
—James Lucas, CEO and President, River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC

School of Staffing and Recruitment

With Performance TQ™ – Laser Beam Hiring System, recruiters can hire only top performers for any position with an 85% success rate. This system is proven, validated and EEOC compliant. It is one of the most cost effective recruiting system on the market, providing recruiters with the to identify the exact Performance TQ™ drivers needed for executing the job tasks and competencies needed for best of class results. Recruiters are provided with custom behavioral interviewing tools – there by providing the ability to hire the right person for the right fit. Laser Beam Hiring provides a cost containment recruiting system, that can lower turnover and provide a higher productive workforce. This can produce performance increases and alignment across all executive, management, leaders and employees

..."drove an additional $2 million to the bottom line in 12 months. 400 to 1 ROI. The Plan allowed us to identify individuals who have the self-motivational characteristics to succeed in our markets. It helped us to effectively utilize our recruiting and training resources. We are now able to "zero in" on top performers, while steering away from candidates that are less likely to succeed."
—Sean P. Grogan, Assistant Vice President, Standard Insurance Company

School of Business Strategy

An organization is as strong as its leaders. It takes visionary leaders, that are lsooking to provide a method for high level Performance TQ™ level leaders to strategically build their organizations. Other traditional methods have not provides this sustained method that is accelerated for building their internal performance bench strength. Usually it takes years of experience before they have the Performance TQ™ levels of strategic thinking that allows them (teams) the ability to build a competitive profitable organization. Performance TQ™ provides the strategic method for building such an organization

Since 1992, Monterey-Salinas Transit has achieved excellent results using the Px-12 Performance TQ™ Profile. As a quality-driven, high performance organization, MST has developed a business model based on the principles of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The model calls for a human resource focus. That means finding and hiring the best. It also means developing and retaining employees for the long term. The Px-12 Performance TQ™ Profile has proven to be an effective and important part of our employee selection and retention program. I look forward to continuing what has been a very successful and mutually beneficial relationship."
- Frank Lichtanski, General Manager/CEO, Monterey-Salinas Transit