..."drove an additional $2 million to the bottom line in 12 months. 400 to 1 ROI. The Plan allowed us to identify individuals who have the self-motivational characteristics to succeed in our markets. It helped us to effectively utilize our recruiting and training resources. We are now able to "zero in" on top performers, while steering away from candidates that are less likely to succeed."
- Sean P. Grogan, Assistant Vice President, Standard Insurance Company

"We can hire to the top 4% level in performance using the Px-12 Performance Profile. This is the most accurate performance measuring system I have used in my 35 years in business. This is truly a profit strategy system like no other."
- Jim Tierney Vice President of Corporate Development for Pizza Corporation of America Pizza Hut of Richmond VA. Entrepreneur - Resident Inns

"Our executive team led a management buy out of the company from our UK-based parent company, Albert Fisher Group, PLC, and further used the tools to make necessary staffing decisions before and immediately after the acquisition was finalized. We are now 12 months after the buy out, and sales have experienced double-digit growth (well above industry trend rates) and EBITDA is up over 85% year-on-year. Furthermore, on an extremely diverse employee base of over 1100 employees, retention rates have more than doubled. The Global Performance Technology tools are an exceptional resource when properly used, which augments management expertise in a very effective and cost effective manner. I would highly recommend them to executives in search of human resource tools with clear, measurable results."
- James Lucas, CEO and President, River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC

"Since 1992, Monterey-Salinas Transit has achieved excellent results using the Px-12 Profile. As a quality-driven, high performance organization, MST has developed a business model based on the principles of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The model calls for a human resource focus. That means finding and hiring the best. It also means developing and retaining employees for the long term. The Px-12 Profile has proven to be an effective and important part of our employee selection and retention program. I look forward to continuing what has been a very successful and mutually beneficial relationship."
- Frank Lichtanski, General Manager/CEO, Monterey-Salinas Transit

"We chose GPT3 because they told us their programs have a proven bottom line impact. They have proven true to their word. Two of our team members brought $70,000 to the bottom line in the first few weeks of the program. This is a win-win opportunity. The company receives more productive, bottom line focused employees, and employees receive a more insightful and satisfying life overall."
- Nancy Ulloa, Director of HR, Zebra Technologies Corporation