We transform the hearts and minds of people and how they perform. We do this by equipping people. We provide a suite of tools that provides positive change and increases productivity, performance and profits.

Performance TQ® Metrics and its product line provides empirical data on how all individuals performance links to the financial performance of companies, divisions, departments down to the individual level. Performance TQ® suite of products are a strategic metrics for: human capital analysis, talent recruitment, hiring top performers, developing individual performance, developing high performance cultures, used in succession and strategic performance planning, evaluation of leadership, increasing leadership performance, company performance audits and performance supply chain, pre/post merger integrations, developing top performer templates, Performance TQ® University Courses and much more…


Performance TQ Suite of Solutions:


Human Capital Metric

Px-12 Performance Profile - Validated and EEOC compliant

Online “cloud” evaluation – foundation for all Human Performance that can link to bottom-line performance – Performance TQ metrics can be used as a Web service – SaaS licensing – into other 3rd Party Management Systems – this provides brings a Human Capital metrics for generating empirical performance data to the 3rd party management systems.


Talent Recruiting and Staffing

Laser Beam Hiring® - licensing                      

This is an In-house Unlimited use licensing system – Hiring Top Performers with an 85% success rate for any position. The system evaluates job candidates and can also evaluate employees and management. Laser Beam Hiring also can incorporate top performer template technology.


Laser Beam Hiring® Outsourcing

This service provides a Job Applicant Performance Evaluation Outsourcing Service – It provides a cost effective solution to the biggest problems in recruiting. Knowing which candidate is the performance needle in the haystack of resumes.  This allows recruiters to “Stop guessing – Start knowing” who the stars are, and not waste time sorting, calling or interviewing those who will not perform to the job performance standards needed for the position. You can hire Top Performers with and 85% to 90% success rate.

This service provides:

  • Top pre-qualified top performing candidates faster – candidates who possess the chief qualities for performance and leadership the recruiter is looking for. We do this with our proprietary performance evaluation system.
  • Identifies all the Top Performers (Performance TQ Level Fives and Fours) Top Performers the that have the highest Performance TQ® levels  -  (beyond Monster, Career Builder or ATS’s)
  • Identifies and delivers  the final 2 or 3 top performing candidates in 5 to 7 days
  • A Custom Behavioral Based Interviewing questionnaire that gives you all the “hot spot details” of each final candidate.
  • Time saving recruitment by flushing out the “Lower Performing Job applicants” that would waste your time
  • Lower recruiting costs –  Saving up to 75%
  • Time and cost efficient “Top Performer” recruitment evaluation service – Guaranteed results
  • The most advanced evaluation performance metrics tools in the industry (25 years proven success)
  • Unparalleled sourcing of Top Performer the that have the highest Performance TQ® levels



Applicant Performance Screening System – performance screening - candidate ranking and sorting system

Web enabled solution linked to client Company websites and Job boards which provides a Job Applicant Performance Evaluation (metrics) combined with an automatic ranking system for each position. This allows for seamless recruiting evaluations of candidates without having to go thru stacks of resumes. Applicant ranking puts top performing applicants (via a top performer template for each position) at the top of the candidate list in real time. This saves thousands of recruiting hours, provides a faster recruiting offers, and makes organizations more competitive in the job market. System saves thousands of dollars  in recruiting costs via  time efficiency. Recruiters can hire applicants with an 85% success rate for each position. This system also allows for licensing revenue model creating a substantial revenue stream to its owner.


Top Performer Templates

Performance TQ® top performer templates is a quadrangle evaluation system measuring the top 10% performance driver levels that drives profits for the organization. This provides organizations with the ability to maximize and replicate their profitable empirical data linked to top performance for each position in their organization.


Talent Development

Targeted Performance TQ® Coaching® - Online System

This is an online scalable performance coaching system used for executive, leadership and management development for increasing performance 10% to 30% in weeks.


Strategic Performance Culture Audit

Company Performance Audit – Talent strategic planning & post merger integrations

The Company Performance Audit provides companies with the ability to develop empirical performance picture of the entire organization. Organizations can link all Human Capital Performance to the bottom-line performance by departments down to the individual level.  It is also used for developing high performance cultures and evaluating performance supply chains.

Company Performance Audit is used as an accounting methodology applied to best practice strategic planning and also pre/post merger integrations. Provides a fast, cost efficient  performance snapshot of the cultures performance and potential disaster spots.


Training Products

Performance TQ® Basic Training:

Performance TQâ certification training – For Business Owners, HR Directors, Corporate University leaders, Organizational Development Leaders, Corporate Trainers and HR Recruiters, Hiring Managers or management – The Metrics for changing how business works…and getting things done better!

A global solution for:

·         Performance TQ online Coaching

·         Leadership Development

·         Strategic Staffing and Hiring Top Performers

·         Assessing Employees and applicants

·         Corporate Strategic & Succession Planning

·         Metrics performance management – linked to increased productivity

What participants learn:

·         How to hire top performers with an 85% success rate for any position

·         How to interview for top performers using a custom behavioral interviewing questionnaire

·         Understand your own Performance TQ level and individual Px-12 Performance Profile

·         Understand your strengths/team strengths, and area for improvement

·         How to understand others better and how to help solve future performance issues at the source.

·         How Real Independence vs. False Independence causes business stress

·         Owners/ HR leaders and Managers learn how to spot top performance qualities.

·         How to identify performance issues at the SOURCE instead of wasting time with repeated people problems

·         How to use the Px-12 Performance Profile as a strategic metrics tool

·         How to head-off potential litigation issues before they occur

·         Increase your Career and Leadership skills as an Executive, Manager, or HR leader

·         How to provide a Performance TQ Development Center


One on One – Executive Performance TQ Overview

A 2 hour review of an executive’s Px-12 Performance Profile – which includes “The Executives Tool for Strategic Performance Building manual”.